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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Flirting and Dating

Flirting and Dating Romance

by Dominiqe Parker

Everyone wants to be liked at one time or another. In order to establish attraction a basic push pull interaction likely occurs. This back and forth happens between boss and employee, friends and family and would be lovers.

First you create rapport and then you break your attraction rapport groove. But, the first step is to create rapport. There is no do-over. Inner game is the number one problem and you need to address where one needs to match their outer game with the inner game.

When you're hitting it off and have taken time and not rushed it uncomfortably, you' established a rapport bond. If you jump into agreement too quickly, you may not have established a solid enough foundation.

You'll need to feel confident, not needing approval from others by caring about what they think, not carry limiting beliefs and have self-discipline not get impatient and jump out of rapport.

Push - pull flirting is similar to any TV sitcom and many plots in movies where there is conflict and resolution repeating itself where the viewer gets hooked into the story line. Riding along with the action causes one to engage and become involved.

And likewise, in human interaction, this hook in the story line gets one interested. This can be done in many different ways. Some overtly, some by subvert gestures. Teasing is another popular way this interaction can occur.

When you have established rapport and then break report, the person will try to qualify themselves in some way. When you take rapport away from someone, they will try to regain it. For instance if you criticize someone, the first thing they will do is try to defend by explaining themselves. They are basically trying to qualify themselves to that person and you get back into rapport again.

Usually, it is the strongest personality that is the leader and they are not necessary better than you. They take risks and are not conversation lazy. They leave suggestive spaces for you to participate conversationally. Confidence comes from assuming an outcome and not asking but instead telling them for instance to give you their telephone number.

If you have negative appearance issues that reflect on your confidence, remember that others come from an entirely different reality. Men judge a woman by their appearance. Women use an entirely different appraisal bases. They don't entirely judge by appearance but by many other factors.

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